Have you noticed just how many ‘plant-based’ milks/drinks there are on the supermarket shelves?

The popularity of these drinks has risen rapidly over recent years as either milk substitutes that attempt to mimic the taste & texture of cows milk, to vegan alternatives that offer a characteristic taste & texture all of their own. Soya milk was one of the early milk substitutes to feature on shelves, & still has a significant market share of the non-milk  options available. However the current ‘rising stars’ of alternatives include almond milk & increasingly oat milk which offer alternatives for those seeking a ‘non-milk’ option.

What has driven this ‘milk’ revolution? Well, people have sought out alternatives to cows milk due to lactose intolerance & ease of digestion, but without the watery mouthfeel of some of the earlier plant-based drinks. Currently nut & bean based drinks, whilst not appealing universally due to intolerances, can offer a creamy, rich texture & some of the latest plant based drinks are utilising plants & vegetables that would previously have found themselves in a ‘smoothie-maker’.

This expanding market has already convinced approximately 10% of cows milk customers to make the switch, & with the appeal of such drinks to the vegan consumer, the market is poised to grow significantly higher over the next few years. Let us help you on the road to developing your plant-based drink!

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