Baketec-FA conc.x (food grade)

An Enzyme Supplies fungal alpha-amylase enzyme preparation for flour improvement at mill or bakery


Baketec-FA conc. is a fungal alpha-amylase from a selected strain of Aspergillus oryzae which does not contain any proteolytic activity which can result in undesirable gluten modification.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance – powder, standardized on dehydrated flour, and has a minimum activity of 9,700 FAU/g (97,000 SKB)


Baketec-FA conc. is supplied in poly-lined 25Kg cardboard boxes


When stored at temperature below 20 °C and in a dry place, Baketec-FA conc shows no significant loss in activity over a period of two years


Baketec-FA conc confirms to all relevant International standards including FAO, WHO, JECFA and FCC specifications


Inhalation of dust from powder enzymes should be avoided. Open in a well-ventilated environment. In case of contact with skin/eyes, promptly rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. Clean any spillages with low-pressure water hoses, avoiding the formation of aerosols. For more detailed information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Application Scope

Wheat flour deficient in natural alpha amylase produces insufficient amounts of fermentable sugars which is crucial to loaf volume. Traditionally, supplemental alpha amylase activity has been derived from wheat or barley malt, but this practice can have several unsatisfactory effects. Malt flour contains protease which can result in undesirable gluten modification. Cereal alpha amylase is heat stable and active above the gelatinization temperature of starch, and excess supplementation can result in gummy and sticky crumb structure. The benefits of Baketec-FA conc. are: Increased loaf volume by improved gas retention properties 
 Improved crumb softness 
 Improved colour and crispness of the crust 
 Extended shelf life

Dose Recommendation

The specific dose rate of Baketec-FA conc. Is a function of the flour amylase activity prior to improvement determined by the Amylograg or Hagberg methods. Generally, a dose of between 0.5g to 1.0g of Baketec-FA used per quintal of flour, but this should be subject to laboratory testing.

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